Established in 1995, Marmara Ambulans continues to offer world-class services with its wide range of services and expert staff in accordance with national and international legal regulations.

Marmara Ambulans aims to deliver fast, reliable, quality and wide-spread land, sea and air ambulance services, medical consultancy service, home medical service, home patient care services, mobile check-up carrier service and infirmary and ambulance services for organizations, housing estates, schools and social facilities in the most efficient way.

Marmara Ambulans is experienced in especially cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), traumatic patient stabilization and rescue with its state of the art technology equipped ambulances and expert medical doctors, ambulance and emergency care technicians (ECT/Paramedics), emergency medical technicians (EMT) and health staff including Ministry of Health First Aid Certified drivers.

You may reach our Call Center from 444 1 700 with dialing any area code and get all kinds of preventive and guiding health info, whether emergency or not, 7 days 24 hours uninterruptedly, from our experienced doctors. And in any emergencies that may occur; following the on the spot vital medical attention, we will ensure that you are "One Step Ahead in the Race of Life with Time" by right patient transfer and appropriate medical establishment organization as well as by providing reliable and quality ambulance services to you and your loved ones in time.


To become the leading firm and reference center of Turkey in mobile health services.


To offer the public mobile health services in a fast, wide-spread, reliable and high quality way by adopting patient safety as a rule as per the medical ethics with superior health technology and our competent staff.


  • Dedication to medical ethics and respecting the patient rights
  • Patient-oriented service mentality
  • Being fast and easy accessible
  • Continued advancement
  • Social responsibility


Specialized Staff In The Field
Specialized medical staff, first aid and rescue-trained health workers Commitment to Principles of Medical Ethics Team bounded to the principles of medical ethics, give confidence and ready to help

Ambulances With Latest Technology And Equipment
Ambulanlar equipped with the latest technology and rescue equipment

Call Center
Call Center that you can access from 444 1 700 phone number give uninterrupted medical advice and perform multi-faceted coordination as soon as possible Modern Extensive Communication Network Control Center using extensive and continuous communication networks, global positioning system (GPS) and mobile internet technologies

Respect for the Rights of Patients
An understanding of respecting the patient rights for each process

Continuous Improvement
Education approach that follows medical technology and scientific developments closely and for team's ongoing development

Social Responsibility
To be aware of the social dimension of health care and continuously take place in social responsibility projects

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