Emergency Health Services

Our Emergency Call Center can be reached by dialing 444 1 700 from anywhere in Turkey and by dialing +90 444 1 700 from abroad. Experienced personell and doctors answer calls promptly and around the clock.

Our doctors and call center personell will carry out the most appropriate solution and the necessary arrangement to meet your requests and needs.
In case of emergency health service request, with the information provided by the caller, the nearest ambulance to the address of the patient is mobilized and meanwhile our call center doctors provide advice and recommendations on what can be done at that moment and these can range from reassurance of the patient to first aid. The experienced mobilized ambulance team stabilizes the patient at the address and then with the coordination of our call center doctors and personel, transports the patient to the nearest and most appropriate medical institution.

Our Emergency Call Center approaches all emergency help requests  integratively. The Call Center enables continious communication between the patient, patients’s relatives, and the ambulance team and at the same time, the call center gets in touch with the appropriate hospital and provides the information needed by the ED about the patient’s peculiarities when transportation is necessary.

Our Emergency Call Center utilizes Global Positioning System(GPS), mobile communication tchnologies and the most up-to-date communication systems. Using these systems, the Emergency Call Center tracks all Ambulance Teams on digital maps and plots patients addresses on the same maps. In case of an Emergency Call ,the nearest ambulance to the address is specified automatically

Ground Ambulance Service

Emergency Ambulance
Our Emergency Help ambulances,tracked using GPS, execute the primary intervention effectively and after stabilizing the paitient, he/she is transported to the nearest and most appropriate medical institution for his/her specific condition. For example, if the patients is having chest pain,the ambulance team will transport the patient to nearest medical institution know to deal with such complaints.

Transportation Ambulance
Our Patient Transportation Ambulances serve in transporting patients from home to medical institutions or from medical institutions to their homes. Our transportation ambulances conform to International standards and have high quality technological infrastructure and equipments to satisfy the various needs of any patient.

Air Ambulance Service

In cases when Ground Ambulance tranportation is impossible or when time and confort factors are important, we are able to use our helicopter and plain ambulances. In addition to our experinced teams, our helicopter and plane ambulances are equipped in a way to meet the requirements of a complete Intensive Care Unit. Helicopters are preferred for shorter distances whereas planes are favored for long distances.

Sea Ambulance Service

In cases of marine accidents or when transportation by the sea is faster and more comfortable, our Sea Ambulances can be engaged. Our sea ambulances are designed and equiped to facilitate Emergency Interventions and to accomodate Intensive Care Unit patients. Our Sea Ambulances work mostly in coastal areas and Islands with the support of Ground Emergency and Transportation ambulances.

Medical Escort Service

We provide the Medical Escort Service to patients who cannot travel without medical support. Patients are escorted by Doctors, Paramedics or Emergency Medicine Technicians according to the severity of patients conditions or their requests. All medical needs and help is provided to the patient so that the destination is reached safely and with ease.


Tıbbi danışmanlık hizmeti almak için, alanlarında uzman olan hekimlerimize 444 1 700 numaralı telefonumuzdan ulaşabilirsiniz. Acil ya da acil olmayan sağlığınızla ilgili her türlü konuda, sorularınızı yöneltebileceğiniz, koruyucu ve yönlendirici bilgilendirme desteği alabileceğiniz, deneyimli hekimlerden oluşan ekibimiz, 7 gün 24 saat kesintisiz bir şekilde sizlere tıbbi danışmanlık hizmeti sunmaktadır.

Tıbbi Danışmalık hizmetimiz, sadece telefonda verilen bir hizmet olduğu için, teşhis koymak, tedavi önermek ya da reçete sunma hizmetini kapsamamaktadır. Bu hizmet kapsamında, hasta ve hasta yakınlarına, aydınlatacı bilgilerme ve doğru yönlendirme yapılmaktadır.

Medical Services for Organizations

Marmara Ambulance aims to use its performance in the best and most effective way to satisfy the needs and answer the requests of institutions and organizations that apply for Medical Sevices for Organizations. Our ultimate goal is to maintain high quality and trust anytime and anywhere our Medical Service for Organizations is needed.

Components of the services in exhibitions,concerts, sport activities,races,seminars,public and private  partys and invitations,  symposiums and conferences are determined by calculating risk based on the nature of the organization, number of people attending, place, time and other details. According the risk ratio of the organization, experienced teams, emergency and non-emergency ambulances, and infirmary services caN be deployed quickly and effectively as required.

Applications for Medical Services for Organizations can be done by dialling 444 1 700

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